Oct 18 2009

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Last Minute Gift

Most normal people make something small for a last minute gift.  Something like a bag, a hat, or a pair of booties.  I do not like making afghans.  I have not made one before.  Several baby blanket came from under my hook, but never a regular size afghan.

Who in their right mind will make an afghan with several hour before the gift giving? Me, that’s who!

The party was scheduled to 6pm Saturday.  So after I got up Saturday morning, I started searching for a pattern.  Just googling “fast afghan” gave me an idea to make 4 1/2 hour afghan from lion brand website.  So around 11am I went to Michaels and got 12 skeins of Homespun yarn and Q hook.  I started right after I got home from the store.  The pattern calls to chain 64,  it seamed to short to me, so I chained 75.   Four hour later and 6 skeins if process, I realized that 75 chains is a little to much, especially because the afghan was stretching quit a bit while I worked.  I finished on row 75 as pattern called for, but if I had more time I would of added 10 more rows.  I finished with one row of single crochet with 9mm hook.

End result: check the picture :).

Yarn: 4 skeins rococo, 4 skeins barley – the afghan is worked with two strands of yarn holding together.

Hook: Q-19


What would I have done differently?  Follow the pattern the way it is :).

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