Feb 16 2010

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Knitting Adventure

Once in a while I have being asked to fix something: ham pants, makes something shorter, or fit better. This time I was asked to make a sweater longer, actually the correct proposition was: “I love this sweater so much, but cannot wear it because it is too short, can you do something with it?” Since I love challenges I accepted this one.

Here is the bed boy (or girl):

Since finding the right shade of the right color and weigh is impossible, I’ve decided to go with what I had.  The closest yarn by weigh in my stash was Patons Lacette and I also had several different colors of it.  We picked Lilac Lace.

At first I though I would knit separate pisses of ribbing and then attached them to the sweater.  Then looking closely at the cast on, I realized that it was too tight.  So I decided to pull a strand of yarn in between the “body” and the ribbing and pick up stitches on by one.

After all the stitches were picked up, I knit the ribbing (k2, p2). Front and the back were done separately.

I knitted for 8 rows in purple and then switched to white (left from the original ribbing) for two rows, then back to purple.  The last section of purple was 16 rows and then the cast off.

Then I did the same on the front bottom.  It seamed like a lot of work to do the same on the sleeves, so I just embroidered two rows of purple to simulate knitted ribbing.

To tie it all together I added some purple flowers at the neck openning.

And the ends result is:

Ta da!!!

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  1. Jean C

    Wow! Thanks for posting this fix. As always you are talented yarnster!

  2. Anastasia

    ohh, thanks Jean

  3. Peggy

    Wow is right. That looks like it was made that way.

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