Jan 16 2011

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Knit Pick rulez! or How I was published!

I recently discovered a good online source for good quality reasonably priced yarn – KnitPicks.com.  Think big box craft stores, but online and all about yarn and yarn related products.  Don’t let the name full you, it’s not only for knitters.  There is plenty of crochet goodness.  If you have not checked them out, I recommend doing so :).

The other reason I love Knit Picks is because of their Independent Designers Program.  They work with designers (like me) to promote their yarn, where we design wonderful patterns using their incredible yarn.   The biggest upside for me is that I keep all the rights and can still sell pattern myself, and I get 100% profit from the patterns.  That a very rare thing, usually it’s like 40%.

I am not just saying it to convince you to buy my patterns (that be nice, but you don’t have to, really). If you are looking for a new well written pattern, where you would be able to get pattern support from the designer, consider purchasing from independent designers directly or trough sources that compensate designers the most.

Back to the topic…

My very first pattern with Knit Picks went life past Thursday!  I was very excited to get an email from the coordinator with the announcement and seeing it on the website.  This pattern been available through Ravelry for a while now.  I went and checked, it was published September 12, and so far is my bestseller.  Are you curious yet what pattern I am talking about? OK, OK, here you go.  It’s Julia Ear Flap Hat and here is the linky to Knit Picks.

I’ve heard designers say that does not matter how many proposals you have accepted and how many patterns you get published, it does not get any less exciting. Since I only have 5 patterns published by other, it is very freaking exciting!!

I sent a proposal for this pattern right before my trip to Russia.  They got back to me with an acceptance and a offer of yarn support (here is yarn, please make it).   When I came back to the states, the yarn was already waiting for me, (actually Maksim called me when I was still there with a very innocent question “Did you order more yarn?”, “No, honey, it’s for work”).  I eagerly swatches and updated the pattern, checked with the tech editor, had a photo shoot with Michelle and Maksim, updated the layout of the pattern, and sent the pattern, the sample and the contract for final consideration.  Few days later got a final approval and a promise that it will go live on their website some time in the next few weeks.  I went along with my life, and to my surprise here it is just few DAYS later!

What? you would like a picture too? OK here you go

I am so looking forward to working with them again!

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  1. Jean

    Congratulations! This is wonderful news! I love ordering from them. Keep up the good work! Thank you for sharing the fruits of your talent!

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