Feb 21 2011

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No New Pattern Monday

No, your calendar is not wrong. Yes, yesterday was Monday. No, there was not a new pattern published. Why, you ask.

Remember, when I first started publishing my patterns, I researched far and low copyright and licensing laws in the US. I learned a lot, and based on that wrote my current statement that is now printed on every one of my patterns. Guess what, Friday I learned that I was wrong, I WAS WRONG. See, I have no problem admitting it (unless you talk to Maksim, then I am never wrong, shhh). So instead of formatting and polishing my new pattern, taking and editing pictures, I spend my weekend in researching the laws again.

For the next few days I will be working on editing my existing patterns to include new copyright notice.

Why would this  important to you? Because there will be no more restriction on finished items made from my pattern!  I will write more throughout post on it later, but for now let me distract you with a pretty picture

That totally worked, right?  This wonderful picture was taking by an amazing photographer, Terry, at A Pretty Pixel.  I am sure you recognized this hat – Baby Brie.

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