Nov 12 2011

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The importance of “save”

This post is brought to you from a corner where I am sobbing and crying.

Why am I in the corner sobbing and crying, and cursing, don’t forget cursing, you ask?

Because I am not computer challenged at all, I just don’t remember that freaking blue little “save” button exists. That’s why!

I’ve spend 3 hours working on a new software while creating a new diagram  for a super awesome new design for my equally awesome “design collection”. Then, in a blink of an eye it shut down and took my super awesome complex diagram of 30 rows with it. When first signs of shock wore off, the software that should not be named (yeah, yeah, I know, it’s my fault, try to stop me from blaming the software, and loose your yarn stush in the process) was restarted and the chart was not there! Praying to fiber gods did not help, neither did the tech gods, they are useless.

I am gonna go back into my corner, wish me luck tomorrow.


Blogpost 12/30, 18 posts to go.

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