Nov 14 2011

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Another awesome class

I just came back from teaching another awesome crochet class.  We were continuing working on no pattern crochet hat, adding some color work to it, learning to read color chart.  Then, I had everyone started on the famous square blanket.

While preparing for the class, I was looking through that pattern that I’ve wrote over a year ago (wow, I just went back to look at the post, it’s been over TWO years!!).  It’s amazing how much my pattern writing changed over that time.  I could live that way so I went back and slightly edited to the new format.

This square blanket is a great project for any beginner.  It starts at the center with just few stitches and then with increases at the corners it can get to any size desired, or until you run of yarn, or get bored with it.  First two rows are a bit tricky, but it’s just a breeze.

Just the heads up, I am planning on posting a free pattern for a dish scrubby tomorrow ;).

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