Nov 20 2011

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Saturday. Ice Skating.

Overdue from yesterday because I passed out before clicking “publish”

For the past few years for Birthdays and New Years Michelle been getting all sort of lessons and classes from her favorite aunt and ankle, Maksim and I (in case you wondering).  Getting to most classes is also a part of the gift.  First year it was drawing lessons, then the was a series of swimming lessons.  Now “she is taking a break from swimming until spring”.  Michelle’s birthday was October 16 and to my surprise she very quickly decided that this year she would like ice skating lessons.

The surprise comes from the fact that for the past two years we (her mom and I) been begging Michelle to take ice skating lessons, but she always said that she does not want a lesson and what I have to teach her is plenty.  Which I did not quit agree with, because yes I can teach her very basics, but I am not a profy, I know my limitations thank-you-very-much.  It was very amazing to hear that this year she want to take a leap and be signed up for classes.  It did not take long to find a perfect class for her, yeah!

Today I got to take her second session, which was amazing.  I have not seen her that happy!  She really enjoyed her class because she have not stopped smiling for an hour!!!!  In a beginner class she was the most confident, she was brave, she new what she was doing, she was not afraid to fall, she knows it does not heart to bad (thank-you-very-much), she was just amazing.

On a side note kiddo has a good taste, she would like a new hat ;), and she knows exactly what she wants!







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