Nov 22 2011

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Here we go again.

Monday night.

Driving from an awesome class.  Thinking that’s what I will blog about today.  Two awesome classes: Sunday’s crochet sock class at the Woolly Lamb (my first time teaching there, yeah!!), Monday’s continuation of  beginning crochet at the West Windsor Art Center (amazing group).

Getting home.  Feedign the cat.  Putting Grey’s Anatomy on (my new obsession, rewatching from the begginning).  Picking out an awesome crochet hat (Blueberry Trellis Hat sample for the Woolly Lamb – I wanna teach a class on it, are you in??).  Promtly forgetting about bloging.

Finishing the hat with my eyes closed.  Passing out.  Not a thought about blogging.

Waking up in the middle of the night.

2 am

Me: “Hon, gimme you laptop, I have to blog” (yes, he always have at least one laptop on the bedroom and I know that).

Maksim: (you know what he wants to say, at 2 am, but he is very supportive that way, he understands the importance of blogging): Hah???  Here…


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