Nov 10 2011

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Today, I saw a preview for my two sweaters that are coming out in the next few days (hopefully) in Fall issue of Tangled.  And they look AWEEEESOOOOOME!!! and that’s all I have to say without spilling too much.  Stay tuned…


I clicked publish and it occurred to me that I have not shared my first sock pattern, the first pattern that was published by Tangled.  They are worked in absolutely awesome merino/bamboo/silk yarn blend made by Crystal Palace.  Oh, and the yarn company featured this pattern in their newsletter, woo hoo.

Bon Jovi (yes, that’s the name of those sock, how cool is that?!), is worked from toes up with after through heel.  The yarn is thin, the hook is thin, so the socks comes out very comfortable.  And I’ve been told it does not look crochet (which supposed to be a good thing, go figure).

The pattern is available through Tangled.

Photo by Brittany Tyler


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