Nov 18 2011

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I tend to work on several different projects at the same time.  Sometimes I favor one over the other (bad mommy).  Sometimes I am just obsessed with finishing one before any other one.  More often than not I will use the chance to work on that one favorite project as a reword for doing other things.

Here is a little preview of what I am working on right now.

I got an idea for this project late Sunday night, Monday night after the crochet class I’ve decided on the perfect yarn for this project.  Tuesday evening I was playing with different stitches trying to find just the perfect combination.  It took three different sets of stitches, but I think the final selection is just perfect!  The combination between linked double crochet and star stitch is awesome.  Actually those two are my most favorite stitches at the moment.  I discovered linked double crochet right before I made Hannah and Halley Playset for Interweave.  The love continued into Blueberry Popover.  The discovery of the start stitch happened just few month ago when lady at a knit/crochet night showed it to me.  I was hooked (pun intended) right then and there.  The same night I’ve made a pair of booties using the start stitch that are currently pending for publication (fingers crossed).

The yarn for this project is pretty spectacular too. It’s Malabrigo Sock in a very beautiful color Turner.  The weight of this yarn is between lace and fingering = light fingering, so not true sock.  It’s very very soft superwash merino wool.  As you can see the color is gorgeous and you would just have to believe me on the softness.

Having a project that combines all my favorite things like awesome stitches and amazing yarn, makes this project very hard to resist.  Will probably make myself put it down and dangle the possibility of working on it as an incentive to make me work on not so desired tasks on my to do list.

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