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Crochet Classes Offered by Anastasia Popova

Browse through this listings and see what interests you.  Anastasia is passionate about teaching crochet classes to adults and kids of all skill levels.  She taught at national fiber conferences, several yarn stores in NJ, West Windsor Art Center, as well as at workshops organized by her at her office.  If you are a yarn store owner, conference organizer, planning a party, looking for a private crochet class, please contact Anastasia Popova at for details.

Find the latest schedule of crochet classes here.

Class offerings are updated frequently.

Open Project Classes

Bring any project of your choice to work on. Do you need help starting a new project, finishing a WIP (work in progress), some ideas to go on?  Come on in, I’ll help you!

Requirements: Basic crochet knowledge is required for Open Project Classes.

Intro to Crochet 

Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of crocheting!  This class is designed for complete beginners.  You will learn most of the basic stitches.  We will talk about gauge, what hook goes with what yarn, how to read information on a ball band.
To bring: nothings, all materials will be provided.
2 sessions, 2 hour each

Complete Course to Beginning Crochet

In this class, students will learn everything they need to know to start crocheting. No prior experience is required. Students will learn how to hold hook, importance of gauge, what hook goes with what yarn, and how to read information on a yarn ball band and crochet patterns. Students will be proficient at making all the main stitches. They will learn how to increase, decrease, crochet flat and in the round and change colors. To practice and reinforce the technique, students will make a variety of simple yet fabulous project: a gift card cozy, fingerless mitts or a  cozy, a simple hat, a scarf or blanket or cowl.
To bring: Materials for first class will be provided.
6 sessions, 1.5 hour each

Crochet for Advanced Beginners

Students will work on a series of small crochet projects to take their skills to the next level.  All projects will include various new stitches, combinations of stitches, and new techniques while reinforcing pattern and diagram reading skills. Projects include adult size mittens, cowl,hat, scarf and/or blanket, purse. A perfect continuation to the beginning crochet class or a great class to advance your skills.
To bring: Worsted weight yarn, H/8 (5mm) crochet hook, stitch markers.
Requirements: Know how to chain, single and double crochet.
6 sessions, 1.5 hour each

No Gauge Crochet Hat - Work with Colors

No Gauge Crochet Hat – Work with Colors

This is a wonderful two in one class. Learn how make a crochet hat without a pattern, without checking your gauge and still make a hat that fits.  This technique will work for any yarn weight.  In the process of making a hat you will master changing colors.
To bring: Yarn of your choice in two colors, crochet hook to match.
Requirements: know how to chain and single crochet.
3 hours

Crochet Cables

Cables are not just for knitters anymore.  In this class you will learn several different way to make crochet cables.  We will also make fingerless mitts with cables to practice making cables.
To bring: Worsted weight yarn and crochet hook to match.
Requirements: know how to chain, single crochet, double crochet, and post stitches (FPdc, BPdc), know how to read a pattern.
2 sessions 2 hour each

Demystifying Crochet Patterns

Take a mystery out of written patterns.  It really is not that difficult once you know what it means!  Learn about basic elements of every pattern.  How to read and understand asterics, brackets and abbreviations.  We will look at different pattern for examples.  You can also bring a pattern of your choice that you need help with.
To bring: worsted weight yarn, crochet hook to match, pencil, notebook.
Requirements: know how to make chain, single crochet, double crochet.
3 hour class

Demystifying Crochet Charts and Diagrams

In the past few years crochet charts became very popular and for a good reason.  It is a lot easier to read and follow crochet diagrams and charts then written crochet.  Knowledge of symbols will allow you to make any crochet pattern , even in foreign language, like Japanese or Russian, because crochet symbols are the same (or very similar) in any language.  You will practice you skills in class by making a small project from a symbol crochet chart in class.
To bring: worsted weight yarn, crochet hook to match, pencil, notebook.
Requirements: know how to make chain, single crochet, double crochet.
2.5 hour class

Crochet Socks

In this class you will learn how to make a basic toe up sock with after through heel. You will make a mini sock (finish a pair for perfect baby shower gift). You will learn a construction of a sock and how to customize it to fit any one’s foot. We will discuss how to make a perfect cuff.
To bring: fingering weight yarn and crochet hook to match (US D/3 3.25mm, US E/4 3.50mm, US F/5 3.75mm).
Requirements: know how to chain and single crochet.
3 hour class

Mini Sessions:

We are offering following techniques to enhance your crochet skills in mini-sessions.  Each session is 45 minutes and costs $10.  Some sessions require a little homework.

Foundation Stitches – is a great alternative to foundation chain.  It creates a stretchy edging and is absolute must!  Learn how to make single crochet and double crochet foundation stitches.

Adjustable Ring – is the best way to start working in the rounds!  It is perfect for hats, toys, flowers, and blankets.

Gauge– can’t live with it, can’t live without it.  Take a mystery and out of the gauge.  Learn how to get the perfect gauge every single time!

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  1. A

    I wanted to find out if you only do crochet class in Princeton NJ? I am in North NJ and was wondering if you offer classes there.


      Thank you for your interest in my crochet classes!

      At the moment I teach crochet classes listed above at Princeton, Saturdays and sometimes Sundays. I also teach open project classes, where students are free to choose any project they want to work on. Open project classes are held every other Tuesday night at Bridgewater, NJ (Bridgewater Commons mall) and every other Wednesday night at Princeton, NJ (Market Fair mall).

      If none of those locations are good for you, try your local yarn store. Most of them will offer some sort of classes. I am working on putting a list of classes that are offered in different locations of NJ. It’s a very time consuming process :). Eventually it will be posted at

  2. Allison

    Any new dates for your classes?


      Allison, thank you for your interest. I will be posting new schedule in few days. Which classes would you like to take, and do you have a preference in dates. Feel free to email em with any questions at

  3. juliekang

    I would like to participate in your 101 class, when will you offer it next?


      Thank you for your interest. I am working on a schedule right now. Do you have a preference on a date?

  4. Claudia S.

    Hello Anastasia,

    Will you be holding a beginner’s crochet session for the summer? I’m interested.

    Thank you.


    Hi Claudia, the same goes to you :). Please let me know if you have a preference on a date, and if you have any questions.

  6. Amy Malik

    Hi Anastasia,

    I am having trouble reading a crochet pattern and so I was wondering if you provide personal crocheting lessons. You’ve probably heard this a millions times- I’m expecting and trying to crochet a certain pattern and was wondering what your prices would be like.

    I’m almost a beginner crocheter and the pattern that I’ve chosen might be a little tough, but I’m not sure. I would like to come to the Bridgewater session on Tuesday the 24th of May, but I’m not sure if I will be able to make it and I would like to start on this project soon.

    Thank you!

  7. Trisha

    I am very interested in your Crochet 101 Class. I made it my New Years resolution to learn. Please let me know of your available dates.


      Hi Trisha,

      I believed I emailed you already :), but you can see information I posted below.

  8. Laura

    Do you have any intro to crocheting classes coming up in Sept/Oct? Thanks.


      Hi Laura, I will be teaching beginner crochet classes through West Windsor Art Center in October. Details are here

      Hope to see you there,


  9. Gigi

    I’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet. I missed the west Windsor classes. Do you have beginner classes starting soon?


  10. Tamika Davidson

    Hi Anastasia,
    When and where will you have your next Crochet 101 class? Thanks.

  11. Elizabeth Garcia

    Hello! I was wondering if you had a mailing list to notify people on when your next crochet 101 classes will be available? I’d very much like to be on it, if you do have one. 🙂

    Thank you!

    1. Anastasia

      Hi Elizabeth, thank you!! I will add you to my list. Next Crochet 1010 will be offered 1st and 2nd Sun in February. More info to follow

      1. Elizabeth Garcia

        Fantastic! 🙂

  12. Chana

    I am strongly interested in your crochet 101 class. When is your next class and cost of class and material.

    Thank you.

    1. Anastasia

      Hi Chana,

      thank you for your interest.

      Current classes are listed here with all the info you incurred :).:

      Hope to see you there,


  13. Parween Ahmad

    Dear Anastasia am very i trested in yr knittings am going to learn knitting gratually thanks alot

  14. Trisha

    I was wondering if you had a 2014 schedule available yet?
    Thank you and Happy New Year!


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