Mar 02 2010

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Crochet Hat for Maksim

Remember when last week all NJ was covered in snow, Maksim went for a conference for Financial Advisers in Florida.  While going through multiple security points, he lost a hat I made him two years ago.  As crazy as that sounds, I am very happy about it because he does not ask me to make anything for him.

He loved that hat and was very upset that he lost it.

So for a new hat he gave me very specific instructions on how he want it to look, how wide the stripes should be, where to position them, what yarn to use and what colors.  Yeah… I know….Great customer 😀

It was definitely had to be black hat with two grey stripes at the bottom of the hat.  One thin stripe then one black stripe the same width as the grey stripe and a second grey stripe, but wider.  He even asked if I would have to use a different stitch to achieve that.  (No comments)

He liked the yarn I used last time – Patons Merino Wool.  So that’s what I used.

I will post a pattern later in case someone would like to make it.  

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