Feb 25 2011

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Just had to share this with you


Why? you ask. Do you see the two cute little girls wearing purple and green pants and tops? Well, they are MINE!!! (not the girls, the tops and pants are MINE). I am so excited to see the preview of the Spring issue of Interweave Crochet. I do get to see the written part of the pattern after editing by the publisher, but I don’t get to see pictures. I just have to wait like the rest of you. And it is so exciting to see how it all came out. Absolutely wonderful!!

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  1. Jean C

    Congratulations! The outfits are so adorable!

    1. crochetnj.com

      Thank you, Jean!!

  2. Carrie McLaughlin

    I recognized those pieces from earlier days. I am so proud of your work.
    I think you are elevating the quality of crocheted clothes. I get so excited to see more.

  3. Ann

    Wo there! I am just looking at your blog today and I see you have been published again????!!!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!! Wonderful. xoxoAnn
    (Don’t forget your little students now that you are famous)

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