Feb 09 2011

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Things I am Working on

Have you noticed, I did not blog much in the past two weeks?  {Insert excuse here} I’ve been crocheting some (some is an understatement of the year!) new things and percolating even more in my head. 

I just have two hands and very little free time.  As most designers, I have a more ideas then time to work on them, so I work on several different projects at the same time.  Or may be I am just kidding myself, and in reality just have a short attention span and get bored very easily… Or both.  Probably both.

Let’s the show and tell begin!

Last week I worked on a prototype for a baby cardigan.  I have been debating to make it into a hoodie or not and so far I really like it as a cardie.  Here is a picture of it in a very beginning stage.  It does not look like much right now, but trust me, you will go gaga over it, when you see the finished version.  This cardie has a very special name and a very special meaning.  I will give you a hint, the smallest size would be for micro preemie.

Baby Cardie Prototype

I have not made shawls in while. A while back I made two and even wrote a pattern for it, but as most of my old patterns they will only be published if I rewrite it!  Recently I got a craving to make a triangular shawl in some gorgeous fingering weight yarn.  I got this wonderful yarn at Stitches East – Malabrigo Socks – that I did not want to make into socks.  It just been sitting in one of my project baskets, wound into a ball, beeing sad and disappointed, other yarn were making fun of it.  It’s time to become something beautiful, my friend!  You will make a great shawl or at least a shawlette, depending on the yardage and my patience. 


It traveled with me to Vogue Knitting life.  I worked on it in the train and while listening to a lecture on designing for a knitwear industry.  So far I really like it!  The color works beautifully and it’s so soooooft. I am at the point of changing stitch pattern.  I have not worked on it since the picture was taken, it still looks like  that.

Remember Chocolate Raspberry? I finished it! And wore it to Vogue Knitting Life. I am going to keep it a secret a bit longer, just because I could. Do you know who complemented on it? Debbie Bliss!

And if I was not busy enough, I started a new pair of socks.  I wanted something cozy and handmade to keep me warm in my steel toed boots at work.  I had some yarn I got on sale at Michaels (or ACMoore) before I became a yarn snob addicted to the expensive stuff.  I am loving the stitch (linked double crochet) and can’t wait to finish and wear them.  I am not loving the colorway thought, how is blue matches the rest of it? how? 

My New Socks

 This was the first sock, by now I have this one finished and the second one is just missing a heel.  Stay tuned for finished pictures.

There also have been few submissions for a super secret publication and a yarn company.  But ssshhhh. Keep your fingers crossed.

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