Jun 12 2011

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The News

And now back to our earlier scheduled programming: THE NEWS!


I am going to teach in Maine!!!!!  I am very excited to announce  that one of my classes: Irish Crochet was selected to be taught at Fiber College.  Fiber College is an amazing fiber retreat that always occur the 1st weekend after the labor day.   There are classes tailored to any fiber enthusiast!  There is crocheting, knitting, spinning, weaving, dyeing, carving, quilting, tatting, embroidery and many more! What also makes it special is that the event is happening outside on the beach, and classes are taught in tents!! I am very excited to be a part of this.  Here is a description of my class.  As far as I know my class is very close to being full.  Awesome!  Here is a video from last year

Few days ago I also got a great news from West Windsor Art Center.  I will be teaching classes there in the fall!  There will be classes for kids, adults and teens!  We are working out the details, and hopefully I will be able to share them soon.



Can’t share much in this category, but keep an eye on the next several issues of my favorite crochet magazine ;).

Then there is something really huge, but until inc dries up a bit more, can’t share it either.

And there is online magazine Tangled, one of my designs will appear in there in a month or so.



My parents are coming and we are having a wedding in 3 month.  There, I said, off to plan it.  In case you were wondering, yes, I am that crazy, and yes, we are planning a wedding in 3 month.

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