Feb 24 2011

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New Socks

Look what I am wearing to work today
New Socks

I just finished them last night, and just could not wait to wear them. They feel very comfortable and bouncy in my steel toed shoes.

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  1. Carrie McLaughlin

    Awesome socks! You are getting better at them. I like how you made the socks much smaller and tighter because of the amount of stretch after wearing and washing.

    Can’t wait to try the new patterns.

    Thank you for your help on the blanket. I had to work today, but I will block it then continue the pattern. Unless you think I should increase the stitches?

    1. crochetnj.com

      Thank you, Carrie! I like how much tighter they are. I have been wearing them for several days now, and already know what I would improve on them. Waiting to see how they will hold up in the wash :). When I am completely happy with them, then I will release the pattern.

      You blanket is beautiful, I love the colors you choose!! You could increase just a bit (very slowly), but as long as you are not loosing anymore stitches, you should be fine.

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