Nov 09 2011

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Fiber Group – Meh – Previews

Today I was planning on going to my favorite knit and crochet group.  Hands down the nicest and most friendliest crafters people in NJ.  Most of them are knitters, but there is a large group of crocheters, or crocheters who has to knit because there is enough nice cool crochet pattern out there.  Do I need to say that I am working very hard of fixing that?  So the group is called Skein Mavens and it’s part of Stitch and Bitch of NJ’s Princeton and Trenton area.  The best way to get in touch with them and see schedule of upcoming meet ups is through their Ravelry group page.

I am kind of sick (if you ask me the whole day today I felt sick as a dog, but I tend to exaggerated and been on the drugs for the past day, so don’t listen to me), feeling meh (it’s a medical term), so I’ve decided not to share my germs with anyone and go home.  Besides Miley the cat is very lonely (and not very trustworthy).  I am having my comfort sick food for dinner: tomato sauce with mushrooms (premade), cheese and pasta.  Exactly in that order.  The same way as I prefer strawberry with yogurt, milk with coffee (just ask my coworkers) and cheese with mac (Alena, I am totally stealing this one).


The other day part of the submission to one-skein crochet wonders book.  I’ve submitted five, two came back with a very nice note, will know about the other ones later.  Usually submissions are a sketch, swatch and a short description.  This time the submission consisted of the fully written pattern and the finished sample.  So, I am actually excited that those 2 came back, because now I can self-publish them, just need to tech edit the pattern and take some awesome pictures.  Hopefully, weather will cooperate.

Both of them are made in an incredible hand dyed supersoft superwash yarn – Miss Babs Yowza-Whatta Skein!  Do you know why it’s called that? Because it’s 8 oz, 560 yards of worsted yarnie goodness.

I picked yarn for the orange one last year at Stitches East.  It’s called Ann and Aliya after two wonderful ladies, mother-daughter team, who crocheted this beautiful sample for me.

Blogpost 9/30, 21 posts to go.

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